Connecting Our Youth to Christ!

The youth of our congregation are vitally important to us – important to the church today and important to the future of the church!  They keep us young, they keep us focused, and they remind us every day of our mission in serving God through our families, our congregation, and our community.  
We want to help them:
Know God’s Word and Live Faithfully! We have Bible classes for all ages on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, where students are grounded in the scriptures and learn about the real people in the pages of their Bibles.  Applying these principles to their lives as they mature, our youth can withstand the challenges around them at school, at work, and at play.  Bible classes, Bible Bowl (click for details), Monthly Youth Challenge (click for details), youth devotionals, and retreats are all designed to help our youth deepen their faith and strengthen their knowledge of God’s Word.  We want them to know what they believe and in Whom they believe – so they can share that with others, connecting them to Christ, as well!  
Be Real and Serve! Our youth love to have fun – but they also love to help others.  Whether raking leaves for our elderly members, assisting in Vacation Bible School classes, or helping stock the pantry for various food drives, our youth connect others to Christ through their service.  The youth are a great inspiration to the entire congregation as they fulfill their service projects and as the young men serve in our worship services.  Do you have an idea for a service project?  Let us know!  Better yet, help plan the project, and our youth will make it happen!  
Have Fun and Grow! Movie Nights, devotionals, mission trips, holiday parties, rock climbing, camping, pizza parties – our youth groups keep fun activities on the calendar year-round!  The activities help our youth build solid relationships that will carry them through challenging times.  Several activities are planned that strengthen the entire family and provide welcome fellowship time for parents.  Any members can host our youth groups – do you want to see our youth in action?  Let us know when you can host a group in your home or plan an activity.  You will be truly blessed by the experience – guaranteed!  
The youth are served in three groups:
Grades 1-4
Grades 5-8
Grades 9-12  
Be connected! 


Be part of one of our youth groups!  
For more information on our groups or group activities, contact us at
‟I like that we can hang out together in our youth group and Bible classes – our Bible class teachers are really nice, and they make our classes REAL.  The singing is great, too!  The best part is knowing that we can share the good things and the bad things about our week – and our Bible class teachers and friends listen, and they C A R E!” – Brooke, youth group