Young at Heart

The Young at Heart group is a group of senior members who share fun, fellowship, and the work of the congregation under the oversight of the elders and led by a deacon.


We do lots of phone calling, sending cards, and visiting.  We keep in touch with our shut-in members.  We meet monthly, usually on the 2nd Saturday of each month at noon.  Most meetings are in a restaurant; sometimes we meet in the fellowship hall for a catered meal or potluck luncheon.


We support Gospel Broadcast Network and the India Preacher Fund with a $25.00 contribution each month.  The funds for our expenses come from a $3.00 contribution at each meeting (which is suggested, but not mandatory).


Everyone who would enjoy being a part of this group is welcome to contact



‟Young at Heart allows me to fellowship with my peers that SHARE like goals and experiences.  It’s fun to VISIT various local restaurants to try new food!  Our gatherings provide time for us be updated on latest church events and hear opportunities for us to be involved, and most importantly, listen and ENCOURAGE each other in our daily challenges.”  – Sharon, member