The Cordova Connector

The Cordova Connector is an evangelistic effort on the part of all the members of the Cordova congregation to go into the neighborhoods surrounding our church building and beyond, to meet and greet our neighbors, offering one-on-one home Bible study and correspondence courses, and also, to invite our neighbors to worship with us.


As we read in the Bible, our Lord and Savior commissions His saints to “Go ye” (Mt. 28:19-20) to spread the Gospel to everyone with whom we come in contact.  Here at Cordova Church of Christ, we take seriously that command.


While not every member is able to walk the streets and hang flyers on doors, all members have the opportunity to participate in this great work.  Our minister is presently writing the articles for the Connector, but we leave this open to any qualified member that feels they have something to offer.  Other members, (elderly and children alike), help stuff the flyers into the door hanging envelopes on a weekly basis, and in doing so, they feel a great sense of being a part of the process of reaching out to those around us.


The materials that we deliver to the homes on a weekly basis are carefully written to emphasize the concerns and needs we face on a daily basis, the trials and tribulations that come into our lives, while at the same time, offering hope and direction that can only be found in Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12).


We, here at the Cordova Church of Christ, are honored and privileged to call you “neighbor,” and we hope and pray that you will come visit us at your first opportunity!


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The Cordova Connector is one of the evangelistic OUTREACH works of the church of C H R I S T here in Cordova.  Within the Connector, you will find articles that are designed to be pertinent to you, members of our community.  Our goal is found in the name: we want to be able to connect the community in which we live with CHRIST.  Thanks for visiting! – Rick, member and minister