2013 Minister’s Articles

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Gambling – Harmless Pastime or Sinful Activity_6 Jan 13

Church Membership_13 Jan 13

The Sinner’s Prayer_20 Jan 13

The Bible, Our Guide to Salvation_27 Jan 13

What are the Last Days_3 Feb 13

Being Different_10 Feb 13

Do Good Unto All Men_17 Feb 13

When Did Jesus Know_24 Feb 13

Our Hope_3 Mar 13

When One Means One_10 Mar 13

Christians Are Not To Do After the Doings of the Land_17 Mar 13

Now Concerning the Collection_24 Mar 13

Identifying the Tracks of Satan_31 Mar 13

The Greatest Things_7 Apr 13

Who Decides if it is a Marriage_14 Apr 13

God is Still in Control_21 Apr 13

Why Does God Become Angry_28 Apr 13 

Huggable and Buggable_5 May 13

Coexist_12 May 13

Is Each Christian Guarded by an Angel_19 May 13

Will There be a Rapture_26 May 13

Are There Ghosts Among the Living_2 Jun 13

Understanding Scruples_16 June 13

Behold I Thought_23 Jun 13

Gaining Independence_7 Jul 13

Was Man Created Immortal_14 Jul 13

Is It Automatic_28 Jul 13

No_11 Aug 13

Behaving Like Christians_18 Aug 13

Reaching Our Goals_1 Sep 13

Looking for Jesus in All the Wrong Places_8 Sep 13

What Does it Mean to Believe_15 Sep 13

Are We Born Sinful_22 Sep 13

How Can I Know That I Know God_6 Oct 13

God’s Providence_20 Oct 13

Hated by the World_3 Nov 13

Gambling-Harmless Pastime or Sinful Activity_10 Nov 13

What Does It Mean to be Thankful-24 Nov 13

Satan is a Liar and Sin is Deceitful_1 Dec 13

Away From the Manger_8 Dec 13

Sometimes We Feel Good About Sin_15 Dec 2013

The Monthly Youth Challenge_22 Dec 13