2012 Minister’s Articles

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The Connection_4 Jan 12

What Does It Mean to Believe_11 Jan 12

Making Sure My Mind is Sound_18 Jan 12

Being a Confident Christian_25 Jan 12

The Christian’s Prayer Life-1_1 Feb 12

The Christian’s Prayer Life-2_8 Feb 12

The Christian’s Prayer Life-3_15 Feb 12

The Christian’s Prayer Life-4_22 Feb 12

Living as it Becometh the Gospel of Christ_1 Mar 12

Is The Bible All We Need_7 Mar 12

Will God Punish-1_17 Mar 12

Will God Punish-2_22 Mar 12

Will God Punish-3_28 Mar 12

Is Fasting for Today’s Christian_3 Apr 12

Can the Bible be Trusted-1_11 Apr 12

Can the Bible be Trusted-2_19 Apr 12

Can the Bible be Trusted-3_2 May 12

Living Right in a Culture Gone Wrong_16 May 12

What Does God Look Like_24 May 12

The Most Famous Thief of All Time_30 May 12

Having a Sound Mind_6 Jun 12

Forsaking the Assembly_11 Jun 12

The Man of Sin-1_21 Jun 12

The Man of Sin-2_25 Jun 12

The Man of Sin-3_12 Jul 12

Demon Possession-1_19 Jul 12

Demon Possession-2_28 Jul 12

Demon Possession-3_2 Aug 12

Can Prayer Be Substitued For Baptism_19 Aug 12

Do Miracles Still Happen Today_26 Aug 12

How Often Does God Answer My Prayers_9 Sep 12

Looking for Jesus in All the Wrong Places_16 Sep 12

Being a Happy Christian_30 Sep 12

How Can I Know That I Know God_22 Oct 12

Making God Laugh_28 Oct 12

Do We Still Tithe_4 Nov 12

Does the Bible Endorse Slavery_11 Nov 12

I Am Thankful_25 Nov 12

What Happens When Good People Do Not Take a Stand_2 Dec 12

Will There Be Signs Indicating the End of the World_9 Dec 12

Can A Woman Ever Teach A Man_30 Dec 12